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How to reach our group

Hello, we appreciate that many organizations and individuals would like to get in touch with our group.
If you have information for us you are in the right place! If you would like information from us please click here.

Please take note of our guidelines for sending us information.

Our group is based on Christian moral and ethical principles, and these are the values we wish to pass on to our children.
We ARE NOT interested in products, services, or information that is contrary to our moral values.
(We generally are not interested in programs outside of the western suburbs of Chicago, our group meets in West Chicago and most of our members live the West Chicago area.)

What we ARE interested in hearing about:

  • Programs to encourage or assist homeschooling families and their students
  • Excellent quality educational materials for children from preschool through high school
  • Programs that assist in providing excellence in education
  • Biblical teaching for children
  • Biblical teaching for families

For example music programs, particularly for home-schoolers, fine arts programs or co-ops for home-schoolers
Online educational materials. Camps, programs, or events with an education emphasis.

Please note you may only use this form if

  • you age 13 and above, have read the information on this page and are in compliance, and have read and agree to our terms,
    including that you ARE NOT located in an EU member country, and are NOT citizens or residents of an EU member country.



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Please note that if you contact us and your organization, program, or service fits well with the goals of our group we will provide an email address you can use in the future to provide information to our group more easily.
Thank you for your consideration in abiding by our guidelines.

About Us

THC is a group of about 50 families that are teaching their children at home with the specific goal of providing an excellent education to our children. Part of the goal is to teach our children biblical moral values and teach them to know and love God.

We do NOT require that all materials be specifically Christian, however we are not interested in materials that are contrary to biblical moral values and teaching.

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