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Teaching Homes for Christ


Teaching Homes for Christ is a collection of Christ centered families that support each other in the endeavor of teaching some or all of our children at home.




Parents need support and encouragement when taking on the daunting task of teaching children at home.  Teaching Homes for Christ tries to come alongside parents with many optional activities in discipling, parenting, and teaching children.

Homeschool 101

Topical discussion of relevant issues led by 26 year veteran homeschooling mom.


A large collection of homeschooling materials and other books that can be checked out by members for a month at a time.

Outdoor Excursions

​Interactive gatherings of member families with an educational purpose.

Book Club

​Discussion of topical books giving time to relate to other members of the community.

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Homeschool 101


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Keeping up on our marriages often gets lost in the to-do of raising children and homeschooling.  We need to remember that we are modeling Christ’s love in the love we show for our spouses; our domestic churches are our children’s first taste of what is to come.  We will talk about how to prioritize cultivating our marriages without dipping into the saccharine or the unrealistic.

7pm-9pm, email teachinghomes@gmail.com for the Zoom link. 



Homeschool 101

Godly Roles for Male and Female 

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God created us male and female, but according to our secular world, gender is yet another “choice” available to humanity. Never did we suspect that we’d have to teach our children about Godly roles for men and women, nor did we ever suspect it would be so difficult to find public role models of Christian men and women. It is time to face this issue head on and arm our children with confidence in who God created them to be while teaching them to love all our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

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