Teaching Homes for Christ

Homeschool 101

Topical discussion of relevant issues led by 26 year veteran homeschooling mom.

The Homeschool Basics

This meeting is geared toward all those thinking about homeschooling, just starting to homeschool with 5- or 6-year-olds, those pulling kids from a public or private school setting, or those opting to homeschool as an alternative to COVID online learning.  Come armed with questions, concerns, fears, doubts, and leave with a vision, confidence, and tools to help formulate your plans.

*what to teach when/subject guide by grade/defining grade levels
*state requirements
*%, letter grades, standardized testing, assessments
*daily living
*involving husbands or other family members/facing opposition from family and friends

Homeschool 101: The Homeschool Basics

Creating Work Space and Cutting Clutter/Homemaking

We will talk about ways to make good use of the space you have, optimize the materials you have, and being creative about how to make home, school, housekeeping, marriage, and work all meld together without losing your sanity.

Homeschool 101: Creating Work Space and Decluttering/Homemaking





This evening will focus on how to fit the subjects you plan to teach into daily/weekly/yearly chunks, how to combine subjects, different ways to organize your school hours, ways to accommodate different ages/needs, and how to set reasonable goals.

Homeschool 101: Scheduling

Building Character (and discipline/keeping Christ at the center)

We all need to jolt ourselves back into getting and keeping our priorities straight.  Come to discuss ways to reboot the entire family with Christ at the center, kick the bad habits and discordant living in the rear, compare punishment with consequences, and set up a system to encourage Godly living.

Homeschool 101: Keeping Christ at the Center

Teaching Multiple Ages

Most families have children in multiple stages of growth and development, so this evening will outline strategies for keeping little ones occupied while offering important one-on-one time with older kids, how to use family dynamics to everyone’s advantage, and thinking outside the box to take much of the stress and contention out of the homeschooling equation.

Homeschool 101: Teaching Multiple Ages

Keeping Our Parenting/Teaching Positive

Motherhood is exhausting and certainly under-appreciated with very few opportunities for regular support and encouragement—never mind adding homeschooling into the picture!  There are ways to focus on God’s blessings and to train ourselves, and therefore our children and our families, to keep a positive outlook on school, chores, and life’s ups and downs.

Homeschool 101: Keeping Our Parenting/Teaching Positive


Accountability (and making time to read/tips for staying off the internet/communication)

Many homeschool moms wonder about how to keep themselves accountable to God, to the plans, to their long-term goals for their children, and we will discuss strategies for doing so.  Also, it is easy to be sidetracked from what is important by getting sucked into inane internet traps and unimportant daily interruptions.  However, developing a routine to better ourselves through reading and focusing on healthy communication aid us in holding on to the good, the true, and the beautiful.

 Homeschool 101: Accountability